LPT 3518

Type Turbocharged,Intercooled,Diesel Engine
Max engine output 178HP (133.5KW)@2500 rpm
Max torque 67.5KgM (675NM)@1400-1600 rpm
Capacity 5883 cc
Fuel injection Pump Mico VP14(Rotary) Mechinical Pump
Model Tata GBS - 40
No of gears 6 Forward,1 Reverse
Clutch 380mm Dry Single Plate; Booster assisted clutch
Frame Ladder type heavy duty frame with 7cross members.Depth-285mm,width-65mm,Depth-7mm
Service Brakes Dual circiut full air S-Cam brakes with ABS
Parking Brakes Spring actuated parking brake acting on rear wheels with graduated hand brake valve
Engine Exhaust brakes Coupled with service break
Type Semi elliptical leaf spring at front & rear Anti Roll Bar at front axle only
Shock absorber Hydraulic double acting telescopic type at front only
Chassis dimensions
Wheel base (mm) 3200mm
Electrical System
System voltage 24 Volts(2X12V),100Ah Capacity battery,45 Amps alternator capcity;Bi-Polar Optional
Vehicle performance
Max.climbing ability 18.1% in 1st gear with standard gear box & rear axle
Max geared speed in top gear 77 kmph
Wheel Coupling
5th Wheel Coupling JOST:1325 mm unladen height,King pin 50.8mm (2")sixe,470 mm offset